Sunday, February 19, 2017

Body Positive Unicorns! ^____^

This little sculpture celebrates the beauty and confidence of miss bodyposipanda ^___^ 

I saw one of her joyful dancing videos, 

and couldn't resist the temptation of sculpting a teeny tiny version of her 

(plus: love the unicorn hair!) 

Also: a thousand times I've been told that I was 

"too skinny, too pale, not a 'real woman'" etc. 

Maybe it's time to state a little more often that beauty is 

neither a size nor a skin colour, and to be more 

positive about our own bodies and everybody else's too : ) ✌💕


  1. no puedo estar mas de acuerdo contigo , cada uno es como es y no hay que parecerse a nadie
    me encanta esa chica , y los unicornios me encantan



  2. I love your body positive girlie! That's something you don't see often, and it's important to remember. I wish I could see more dolls, figurines, etc., who weren't always skinny and "perfect."